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The Coach: John Fleming

John has degrees in both Exercise Science and Sports Management and has trained athletes at all levels; high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic. His field experience began at James Madison University, then continued on to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and the University of New Mexico. At these facilities, John was privileged to work with athletes in a wide array of sports including Alpine and Nordic Ski Teams, in addition to Short Track Speed Skating, Football, Baseball, Greco-Roman Wrestling and several other disciplines.

With a passion for helping people to understand how proper exercise and planned nutrition make a profound effect on the everyday American's health and well-being, John opened Pure PHIT Training in 2010. Pure PHIT’s primary goal is providing individuals who are dedicated to making a change with a facility and community to make that change a reality. 

New on the slopes, John was already tackling diamond runs at Taos, on his third day of alpine skiing.

Professional Certifications:
► NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

► USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach


6 WEEK CROSSFIT CONDITIONING SCHEDULE:  The beginning of any training program should target the establishment of a strong foundation upon which you can build. Your focus should be on proper form and conditioning before anything else. Keep in mind, risk of Injury is always present during exercise. That risk is further increased with improper technique.  Lastly, upper body conditioning is every bit as important as working your legs, both for balance and to help avoiding injury in a fall. Click adjacent question marks for video demonstrations.

To maintain an elevated heartbeat, these workouts are designed to run continuously, without rest between exercises or sets, with a goal of finishing the entire workout within 20 to 30 minutes.  Start your clock!

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