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so, what's the story?

Welcome, Bienvenido, Bienvenue, Herzlich Willkomme! Somehow, I've gotten around quite a bit. Las Lenas and Valle Nevado, Verbier and Chamonix, Corbet's Culior, Valdez ... even 100,000 ft. of heli vertical in the Bugaboos. After a few decades of skiing and living in both the North Cascades and the Chugach Range (Alaska), I ditched my software job in Seattle and took to an open ended ski excursion around the US and Europe. Skibbatical is the result of that experience. In planning each adventure, I quickly realized how daunting it is to muddle through all the advertising and BS on the aggregation sites. I always found myself back on resort Websites, but still rummaging for the important stuff. Every site navigation is an enigma ... ski & ride conditions, snow reports, trial maps, lodging, directions, weather, etc. Instead, Voila! Simplified and direct access to all you need to know, before you go!

PS. Skibbatical is still a work in progress and I'm obviously no "pro" web programmer or linguist. So, if you have suggestions or feedback, I'm all ears. Please drop me a line: Contact

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Yeah, the website is free information for you ... but not exactly free for me. Help me fund it!? Visit our gear shop and snap a cap, a water bottle, a sticker,  a vest ... 3% of all proceeds will be donated to the US Olympic Ski & Snowboard Team. If I have anything left after paying for web services, programmers, graphics, attorneys, et al, I'll use it to pay for some of my own turns.  Get Gear

​so, what's your story?

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Defined: a hiatus from work/school, to go rip some turns.

Skib-bat-i-cal, (noun) \ski-'ba-ti-kel\ (also: skibatical)